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Camo Shopping Cart Cover!

Hey guys!

So I got a new order Friday for a shopping cart cover just like the one I made for B-Rae. She requested it be army camo for her little boy.


I will be using the camo and the brown for this project 🙂 its going to be awesome!

If you are thinking about having something made by yours truly be sure to get your order in because they seem to be coming faster now 😉 I wouldn’t want anyone waiting!

I’ll keep you posted on this project!

Much love
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The Day My Daughter Swallowed An Earring!

I know your probably wondering how this happened and how it turned out and lucky for you, I’m about to tell you the whole story!

On Sunday March 18th we were having a typical Sunday just hanging out having family time. Until… B-Rae pulled my pearl stud earrings out and was looking at them. I told her “B-Rae those are mommies earrings, give them back to me, please.” She was just sitting on my lap totally enthralled with these earrings! Of course faster than I could snap my fingers she shoved them in her mouth. I immediately put my finger in her mouth doing the “fish hook” routine, which then caused her to tilt her head back. I jumped forward in the chair to tilt her head forward but I saw this look on her face! I knew she had swallowed at least one of them. I grabbed the other one out of her mouth and just looked at Fiance with my “Uh Oh” face.

The good news is that B-Rae didn’t seem to mind at all that she had just swallowed an earring. Of course she just wanted to go play with the dish washer like most 20 month olds do ;). At 7:30 PM I was calling my mother on the phone I was sitting at the computer googling “my child swallowed an earring” lol, yes I did. 🙂 Half of the stories on-line seemed to say go to hospital other half said call pediatrician and do whatever they say. My mom told me not to freak out and that accidents happen, how I’m such a good mom and blah blah I won’t toot my own horn here 😉 I called B-Rae’s Pediatrician who of course wanted to know exactly what the earring looked like and had she swallowed the back with the stud. I informed the Dr. that it was only the stud not the back and I described to him what I will show you in this picture.

He advised us to take her to the hospital to get an xray. This way they can take a look and make sure it is on its way out safely! So while B-Rae went about her merry way playing, Fiance and I were packing up a bag and her diaper bag as if we would stay the night. We weren’t sure what we were in for. Right about 8:00 PM we were pulling out of our driveway. We live an hour away from the nearest hospital! So around 9:00 PM we walked through the emergency room doors.

Thankfully B-Rae was in a great mood and she played through the whole 3 hours we were there. The Dr. even had her laughing! Which has never happened because she has had full on melt downs for the last 8 months whenever we go to the pediatricians office. If you haven’t experienced this yet let me tell you that babies do not like x-rays! Thankfully her father and I were able to be in the room with her holding her still with lead aprons on. FINALLY around midnight the Dr. came in and told us that the earring was in fact in her tummy making its way through her digestive system. He told us that everything looked good and she should pass it just fine. We were instructed to return to the hospital or her normal care provider for a follow up x-ray if she did not pass the earring within 24 hours.

Relieved and exhausted we went through discharge and made our way to the car. After changing B-Rae into her pj’s we hit the road towards home, which let me remind you was an hour away…

I am very pleased to end this story with tell you that the earring turned up in her diaper the next afternoon. Just in case you are wondering the fate of the earring… TRASH CAN! Yucky!

Hope this is helpful to mothers who heaven forbid find themselves one day googling “child swallowed earring”      😉

Much Love


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Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Hey guys!

Today being that it is the “green holiday” I thought I would share some fun activities that anyone can do some with or with children!

I have attached links to everything so that you can see the website I found it on. ENJOY! 😀

Here are some yummy treats!

Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Bailey's Irish Cream Cheese Frosting

In case you’re in the mood to bake up a treat 🙂

Here is fun kiddie food for pinch day:


I made a version of these for Christmas and they were a hit!

As if those weren’t yummy enough here’s some cookies 😉

We have a busy day for our family, so off I go! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Much Love



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Spring is in the air!

Listening, not imitation, is the sincerest form of flattery. – Joyce Brothers

Hey guys!

I hope everyone had a great weekend :)! The Fiance and I got lucky and scored a used desk in perfect condition off of craigslist. I am so excited to get it all set up! This is going to be a small “office area” at one end of our bedroom. There will be a perfect little spot for me to sit and do my blogging, research etc. When I get that all setup it will be just in time for the new internet to be installed this week! I know right we are really steppin’ it up 😉

I also cleaned up and reorganized my sewing area this weekend. I’ll tell you what, when I get a creative groove going I can really make a mess of things in there! So I got it all cleaned up and put back together right before I started my latest order of the Sesame Street crib comforter. Thanks to this project I sat down and watched some Sesame Street with B-Rae last night. Boy did it take me right back to my child hood! Such a fun cute educational show, we loved it. I think Elmo is the cutest little creature on there!

 Is anyone else excited about Easter?! I am! I know I know, I should chill out because it’s over a month away! Hahaha!! I can’t though I want to make dresses for little girls to wear on their Easter egg hunts, to church and to their Easter dinners 😀 Since pillow case dresses are so darn cute and popular in baby fashion right now I thought I will do more of them in the Easter fashion of course. I do have a couple that I have already made and sent out. You can see pictures on my Facebook and previous posts under the Finished Products category. My first Easter fashion will be constructed from these materials:

I am IN LOVE with these Easter fabrics!

These dresses can be made for MANY sizes! There great by themselves or with leggings and an undershirt. Not to mention a matching hair bow! 😉

 If you would like an Easter dress made for your little girl just message me on here or my email listed below. I have a whole fabric store to choose from! If you like a design but instead of purple you want yellow and green, it can be done!

Much Love! XOXO


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Breaking Ground on Sesame Street!

Hey guys!

So today I am officially starting the Sesame Street Crib Comforter for Mrs. Holly Dehlbom. So I will be telling you all about the process and keeping you up to speed with pictures too!

I have already learned that ¼” batting is not thick enough hahaha! I knew in my head how thick it needed to be but when I opened the package this was not it! So off I went to the store knowing the batting needed to be at least twice as thick if not more.

I was however successful in finding “Cookie Monster Blue” which was totally necessary to match the adorable printed fabric. After I sought the approval of the client that she loved the materials I am ready to begin! Here is what we are starting with:



This is to show you the blue back fabric


I had a brilliant thought today! I realized that Easter coming in the near future and what is Easter all about? Well, besides bunnies, eggs, and chicks. Pretty Pretty Dresses!!!

I am scheming up some adorable ensembles! I think I need a sketch pad so I don’t lose these ideas when they pop into my head. Not that I am a great artist :p but I can scribble and make notes!

Much Love Everyone!



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Princess Tiana Dress is HERE!!

Here we go!

I whipped this together in 5 minutes!

Please excuse the back ground 🙂 My model is letting this get to her head lol

This fabric came pre made (the top part). So I sewed a side seam and put it on my model!

NOW the top part was way to long on  her as you can see… so I would normally only make this for an older little girl so that it fits right. But for B-Ray I cut a piece out of the middle and sewed it back together to make this:

As you can see my model making demands on set now 😀 cookie, binky...She loves this stuff!


She loves this stuff!











Much better! SO CUTE RIGHT?! Seriously people this was sew easy! 😉 I got this fabric on sale of course (40% off $0.45/inch) at Joann’s Fabric store, they had a few other patterns available too.

It would be great in the top picture for a 3+ year old with leggings and a matching bow! If you want a warmer outfit, throw a cardigan on with it 🙂

I am hard at work today with GREAT new projects coming soon!


Much Love! TTFN!



I swear not very many things get me more EXCITED than say… … A SALE!! Most ladies can feel me on this one right??

So I want you to know that I am a frugal lady when it comes to shopping. I want to get a good deal every time! You should really get into this mind set too I promise you will be able to do much much more your funds if you get the most outta your buck.

For example:
I’m ready to make another trip to Sewing Heaven (aka Joann’s) fir some new project supplies. Last time I stopped by Joann’s they put an upcoming SALE FLYER in my bag. Now at the time I almost tossed it because I didn’t know when I was going back in. But WAIT don’t throw this out when you can be a smarty and take advantage of great deals!

A smart and easy way to go about being a crafty diva is to do one or all of the following tips:

1. Go online and look at their upcoming sales events
2. Ask when your in the store at check out or pop in when your running errands.

3. Some stores even have an email subscription that will send them right to your inbox!

More bang for your buck ladies!!

This is key to being a frugal crafter. So here is the sale flyer that I have:










I am all about being as prepared as I can! So I have highlighted the sales that I want to check out and take advantage of when I get there.


Be Excited!! This means I will come home with plenty of goods to create some FABULOUS items to share with you!! Much Love! Have a fabulous day!


P.S. Something BIG is coming in the near future for this blog 😉

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What I’ve Found So Far With The Patterns!

I went to Hobby Lobby as you can see in a previous post. My first plan of action was looking at the pattern packets. I think they are GREAT! They usually show you how to either make a couple different pieces or one piece a couple different ways. The pattern catalogs that are available for browsing make it easy to find a pattern that you want. The pattern companies have their patterns pre-priced so unless the store has a pattern sale they are going to be the same retail price as the other stores. Now this isn’t counting if you buy them used, just make sure that all of the pieces you need are still in the used pattern packet. Also you can shop online I found some I will be purchasing on 🙂

My next move was to go check out these pattern books. They are a great detailed way to learn step by step what you are making. They include the patterns so its just a more detailed version of the pattern packets. However finding a book that is worth paying the extra change for can be tricky. Most of the books I saw either weren’t my style of items or they had such a wide array of items that I was only interested in a couple of the patterns they had. For example; I found a book that had 2 super cute baby patterns that I wanted however the other 8 items were of no interest to me. They had nothing to do with baby anything.

This is why I purchased the pattern packet that I showed you in a previous post. I am not done with this though! I looked at Hobby Lobby and Joann’s with out finding a book that was right for me. So next move! Going to keep my eye out to see if I can find one more suitable to what I am looking for. Hope this is informational to you especially if you are new to sewing and looking to find the most efficient way to spend your funds 😉

Until next time! Much Love Everyone! Thank you so much for reading and pretty please subscribe to my blog!

P.S. Just a side note a follower thought I should share with you. I did not use a pattern for my Monkey & Bird Sets. I did the measurements by eye for the bib, burp cloth and wash cloth. 😀

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I Want To Start An Online Business Now!

Well not right this very second but I want this ball rolling pronto! I have my sewing room all set up now. I do want to add some loving touches to it to give it a comfy vibe. But the essentials are in there! Here is a picture so you have a visual of where the magic happens 😉




Keep in mind it really doesn’t take alot of space to do this! I can see some shelves going up above the table and Ta Dah! I plan on making my products purchasable through Facebook and Etsy. Which by the way if you haven’t been to  GO NOW! It is a wonderful world of everything home made and hand made.

I would love to show my fellow stay at home moms that you all have a talent or somehting you have thought of that you could turn into a valuable resource for every one else! I have a growing list of items I want to sew and sell 🙂 I hope you all like what you are seeing because there’s plenty more coming!



Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS time bringing in the New Year last night! I know I had a nice time and I got a kiss just before my hard workin’ fiance fell asleep. Don’t forget about your New Year Resolutions! I know I have mine in the “Spank Bank” (that’s where I put things in my head that are Awesome and/or Important to come back to later).

I made a couple of my first items and I must say I am happy with how they turned out! Now I have down Bib, Burp Cloth, and Wash Cloth. It took me a little while to get used to my new Singer sewing machine, but it is SO COOL!

If any of you have been to Hobby Lobby you will know that it is the crafty mom’s Crack!! I seriously have to stop by myself from saying “Is this store awesome or what?!” a lot when I go there with friends and family Hahahaha! I’m not kidding I could spend hours in there! So anyway the reason I am telling you about this heaven on earth is because I am planning  a trip there beginning of this week. So I can stock up on some sewing goodies and gadgets! Yayah! (Yep that’s pronounced like Lil John says it) I found out I need a rotary mat, ruler and knife to make the magic happen a bit easier as well as more fabric, thread and patterns.

 When I was shopping around online for patterns to make some super cute baby stuff I was finding that they were between $5-$10 average. But then! I came across these books on (Love that place) that are all about making several different items and they include the patterns in a little pocket in the book! Um that sounds really awesome to me! A whole book telling you everything you need to know about what you’re making AND comes with the patterns (ranging from $15-$25). So I will be investigating this find and reporting back. If you know about this please comment and tell me and everyone else your knowledge on the matter!!

Stay tuned in to see pictures of finished items tomorrow and my findings on this book of patterns vs. packet patterns this week. 🙂


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