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My Biggest Order Yet!

Hi there!

I recently received my biggest order yet! The order consists of: 8 burp cloths of two different fabrics and 2 shopping cart covers of two different themes. Whee! I’m super excited to sew up these custom creations and get them shipped off to a happy customer 😀


These are the flannel fabrics we chose to do the burp cloths with. I’m in love! But I wanted to make them have some contrast, I loved the fabric patterns so much that I really wanted them to pop. I told my customer that we would do a solid color on the back sides of them…


So I had her choose what color she liked best out of a couple of color options I sent her. for the “Zoology” fabric by Michael Miller this is what we came out with 🙂 a creamy yellow to match the giraffes and birdies!


For the “Planes in the Sky” fabric by Bo Bunny I was thinking blue or maybe yellow? But look how good the white is with the clouds… So pretty and of course CUTE!

These are currently being washed, dried, ironed, cut and pinned 😉
Stay tuned to see how these lovely burp cloths turn out and what fabrics we chose for her 2 shopping cart covers…

If you are interested in purchasing your own set of these burp cloths then message me, comment below, email me (see below) or friend my Facebook page. There you can see other finished orders and pre-made ready to go items. I am always open to custom orders such as this current order you just saw 😉

Much Love

Chelsea Leitz
Passion For Baby Fashion

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Spring is in the air!

Listening, not imitation, is the sincerest form of flattery. – Joyce Brothers

Hey guys!

I hope everyone had a great weekend :)! The Fiance and I got lucky and scored a used desk in perfect condition off of craigslist. I am so excited to get it all set up! This is going to be a small “office area” at one end of our bedroom. There will be a perfect little spot for me to sit and do my blogging, research etc. When I get that all setup it will be just in time for the new internet to be installed this week! I know right we are really steppin’ it up 😉

I also cleaned up and reorganized my sewing area this weekend. I’ll tell you what, when I get a creative groove going I can really make a mess of things in there! So I got it all cleaned up and put back together right before I started my latest order of the Sesame Street crib comforter. Thanks to this project I sat down and watched some Sesame Street with B-Rae last night. Boy did it take me right back to my child hood! Such a fun cute educational show, we loved it. I think Elmo is the cutest little creature on there!

 Is anyone else excited about Easter?! I am! I know I know, I should chill out because it’s over a month away! Hahaha!! I can’t though I want to make dresses for little girls to wear on their Easter egg hunts, to church and to their Easter dinners 😀 Since pillow case dresses are so darn cute and popular in baby fashion right now I thought I will do more of them in the Easter fashion of course. I do have a couple that I have already made and sent out. You can see pictures on my Facebook and previous posts under the Finished Products category. My first Easter fashion will be constructed from these materials:

I am IN LOVE with these Easter fabrics!

These dresses can be made for MANY sizes! There great by themselves or with leggings and an undershirt. Not to mention a matching hair bow! 😉

 If you would like an Easter dress made for your little girl just message me on here or my email listed below. I have a whole fabric store to choose from! If you like a design but instead of purple you want yellow and green, it can be done!

Much Love! XOXO


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Breaking Ground on Sesame Street!

Hey guys!

So today I am officially starting the Sesame Street Crib Comforter for Mrs. Holly Dehlbom. So I will be telling you all about the process and keeping you up to speed with pictures too!

I have already learned that ¼” batting is not thick enough hahaha! I knew in my head how thick it needed to be but when I opened the package this was not it! So off I went to the store knowing the batting needed to be at least twice as thick if not more.

I was however successful in finding “Cookie Monster Blue” which was totally necessary to match the adorable printed fabric. After I sought the approval of the client that she loved the materials I am ready to begin! Here is what we are starting with:



This is to show you the blue back fabric


I had a brilliant thought today! I realized that Easter coming in the near future and what is Easter all about? Well, besides bunnies, eggs, and chicks. Pretty Pretty Dresses!!!

I am scheming up some adorable ensembles! I think I need a sketch pad so I don’t lose these ideas when they pop into my head. Not that I am a great artist :p but I can scribble and make notes!

Much Love Everyone!



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Huge Shopping Haul!!


I spend several hours at Joann’s today stocking up on supplies for projects! I was there long enough that I checked out and took intermission to feed B-Ray, change her diaper and give all of us a break. I had my bestest friend ever (Kaylynn) there to help me out, I seriously couldn’t have accomplished so much with out her! I ran into my future sister-in-law and her kiddos there and that was a surprise! I am getting together with her tomorrow to make a dress for her daughter 🙂

OK so Joann’s was having a big winter sale and BOY did I take full advantage!

This was the second round!The gal at the cutting counter (where they cut your requested yardage from the bolts) said she was very impressed with how organized I was with my little notebook that told me exactly what I needed and how much. This is important people!! Be well prepared so that you don’t buy too much and over spend or too little and have to go back to the store again over spending. I’m not going to lie… I had a freaking blast doing this!

Look at all of these great patterns! They had so many to choose from too.

LOOK! First row is fleece for ear warmers, 2nd row is assorted material for planned projects, and the white stuff is fusible fleece.

 I will be posting examples of what is available for purchase on my Facebook (Chelsea’s BabyFashions) this week. I will be making items to fit you or your little one so you will see an example (with price) of the finished product and then the fabric you have to choose from. I do custom orders so if you don’t see the color or pattern you want just message me.

These are the other supplies to go with planned projects 😀

OH and the green flower in front of the pillow forms is what B-Ray picked out 🙂 I love these trips with her! She was such a good girl! I hope your as excited as I am to see what comes out the other end of all this. Like I said I will be posting an album via Chelsea’s BabyFashions (there is NO SPACE between BabyFashions!) If you see something you like ASK ME about it!

Now on this trip it was a bit of an expense but I got great deals on everything and that pays off in the end. PLUS I don’t need to go back for a couple of weeks at least and that is efficiency!

Here is something random for you that I just have to share:

My goods from the other stop today 😉

Explanation: Not that we need one to shop! Hahaha!

If you haven’t discovered Rue21 yet you have to google it right now! Find the nearest store to you, they are opening up somewhere new all the time. I got all of the above for $22!! And it’s CUTE RIGHT?!
The t-shirt on the left is for my fiance (bit of and inside joke) The other one is for me (no joke here obviously Bahahaha!! :p) The pink wallet is a business card holder which I have my first batch ever on the way! The FABULOUS bigger wallet is the same as the one I have now and I love it to pieces (literally its starting to fall apart after a whole year!). Last but not least I can’t resist a swanky pair of shades 😉
So to wrap this up!
Great Joann’s haul today! I will be making lots of fun new items to post for your enjoyment and purchase (see above or below facebook name to find my page) I got some cute stuff I shared just for fun.. but check out Rue21!
Much Love everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! Feel free to contact me with questions about what I am up to!
Facebook: Chelsea’s BabyFashions
As well as on here!

Hobby Lobby Haul!

Ok! Here we go! My first craft store haul:


Here we have a craft measureing mat it is great for getting accurate fabric measurements and cutting stright lines. Then the pizza cutter looking thing is called a rotary knife which is again key for cutting easier straighter lines faster. I purchased this pattern for pillow case dresses and it is a part of my “pattern packet vs pattern book” investigation. The super cute gender mutual flannel is adorable! Then there are 2 spools of all purpose thread in Hot Pink and that Luscious Brown 😀 This will look AMAZING when I use the fancy stitches!

I’ll be probably getting my fabric at Joanns from now on, prices vary between the two stores but Joanns just has SO much MORE selection of everything! Don’t get me wrong there are still so many things that Hobby Lobby carries that Joanns does not but as far as sewing materials it looks like off to Joanns I go!

Much Love!




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