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Just Finished & Current Orders

on March 20, 2013

Hey guys!

So just a quick update here!
I switched from Chelsea’s BabyFashions on Facebook to a fan page under Passion For Baby Fashion. Yay! So go over and like my page so you can see orders come and go, see first what is made and ready to order AND get in on giveaways!

I have completed my biggest order yet! (See previous post My Biggest Order Yet!) Woohoo! Show and tell time 😉


She ordered two sets of four burp cloths …


And the other set…


I do a decorative top stitch every chance I get!


This is the Big reveal for her shopping cart covers as I haven’t posted them on my fan page yet! Lucky you!


These particular cart covers are bring used for holding all of her belongings while she’s out shopping 🙂 (notice no leg or buckle holes)


This is all shipping out today! Woohoo! Can’t wait for her to open it!

Stay tuned for my current orders post coming next!

Much love!


Don’t forget to like my page on Facebook! Passion For Baby Fashion


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