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Easter Bows! Yay!

on March 13, 2013

Hi there!

I just love bows! Thank goodness I have a little girl to wear them 🙂
I love bows so much I learned how to make them about a year or so ago.
So I have been seeing so much this last week that I ran right out of white thread!
Totally didn’t see that coming, oops! I live forty five minutes from any store where I can find more.
While waiting to get more thread I decided to get started on the Spring Bow Line by Passion For Baby Fashion. Naturally (for me anyway) with Easter right around the corner I started with a couple Easter themed bows. Lets take a look 😉


Easter colors are so fun and pretty!


You can order these and other colorful choices at Passion For Baby Fashion on Facebook!


I love Easter!! Yay!

I just finished making Bella’s Easter dress yesterday 😉 Ill probably end up making a matching bow!

Have a lovely day!


Like me on Facebook to see my selection of items up for order.

Passion For Baby Fashion


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