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My Biggest Order Yet!

on March 7, 2013

Hi there!

I recently received my biggest order yet! The order consists of: 8 burp cloths of two different fabrics and 2 shopping cart covers of two different themes. Whee! I’m super excited to sew up these custom creations and get them shipped off to a happy customer 😀


These are the flannel fabrics we chose to do the burp cloths with. I’m in love! But I wanted to make them have some contrast, I loved the fabric patterns so much that I really wanted them to pop. I told my customer that we would do a solid color on the back sides of them…


So I had her choose what color she liked best out of a couple of color options I sent her. for the “Zoology” fabric by Michael Miller this is what we came out with 🙂 a creamy yellow to match the giraffes and birdies!


For the “Planes in the Sky” fabric by Bo Bunny I was thinking blue or maybe yellow? But look how good the white is with the clouds… So pretty and of course CUTE!

These are currently being washed, dried, ironed, cut and pinned 😉
Stay tuned to see how these lovely burp cloths turn out and what fabrics we chose for her 2 shopping cart covers…

If you are interested in purchasing your own set of these burp cloths then message me, comment below, email me (see below) or friend my Facebook page. There you can see other finished orders and pre-made ready to go items. I am always open to custom orders such as this current order you just saw 😉

Much Love

Chelsea Leitz
Passion For Baby Fashion

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