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Keepsake Easter Eggs!

on April 6, 2012

The trouble with life is, you’re halfway through it before you realize it’s a “do it yourself” thing. ~ Annie Zadra


Ok, I’m back! Sorry for my absence, between my sewing machine breaking down and life getting a little crazy (in a good way) I fell of the blog wagon. But I’m back! Tell your friends! 🙂

Today I want to share with everyone a super fun project I did with family for Easter.

They have a lot of names but I like to call them Sugar Easter Eggs! Because you will find out as you read on that is pretty much what they are made up of.. SUGAR! Let’s jump in!

My dearest Great Aunt taught me how to make these and while I don’t have the recipe for the mixes with me you can google it and find plenty 😉 I know I love google.

(My mother pictured above) We started by making the eggs in some plastic molds in the sizes we wanted after we mixed it up and added food coloring to get pretty Easter colors. You have to wait 1-2 hours for the outer shell to begin to harden. At this time you can DELICATELY scoop the inner part of the egg (sugary mixture) out. This is seriously kind of the stressful part because they can crumble, crack and break if you are not careful. You can use the sugar you scoop out to start another egg. We let them harden the rest of the night.

Here you can see a few of the small egg tops and bottoms. The little characters can be found at most cake decorating shops.

Here comes the really fun part! Making a scene 🙂

Using a frosting bag and leaf tip I created a layer of leaves to form the landscaping.

Then I added my Easter characters and some extra pretties that stayed put in the not yet dry frosting

You can make it look however you like this is just the look we were going for. Keeping it simple for our first time 😉

Next step after I am done making my little scene  I attached the top of my egg by squirting a line of frosting on the bottom egg and lining up the two halves.

Like so. While this dries I work on other eggs. I think we made a total of almost 20 eggs between everyone that joined in on the fun!

This one was the very first one I did. So much fun!

In the left picture you can see how I used pretty white cloud like frosting to cover the seam and fancy up the front opening.

Keep in mind that both the sugar egg mixture and frosting mixtures have a hardening ingredient so this can last for a long time.

The picture on the right shows the little flower embellishments that I added to the top of the egg to fancy it up 🙂

Last step! Using my mad

decorating skills to

make green leaves on

all of the pretty flowers!

All done!

This was seriously such a fun experience! I highly recommend for the crafty artsy to try this out 🙂

I gave one to my future mother in law, my best friend and my mom and I both made some for my sister and her boys.

Hope you give it a try! Happy Easter Weekend!

Much Love!



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