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Spring is in the air!

on March 5, 2012

Listening, not imitation, is the sincerest form of flattery. – Joyce Brothers

Hey guys!

I hope everyone had a great weekend :)! The Fiance and I got lucky and scored a used desk in perfect condition off of craigslist. I am so excited to get it all set up! This is going to be a small “office area” at one end of our bedroom. There will be a perfect little spot for me to sit and do my blogging, research etc. When I get that all setup it will be just in time for the new internet to be installed this week! I know right we are really steppin’ it up 😉

I also cleaned up and reorganized my sewing area this weekend. I’ll tell you what, when I get a creative groove going I can really make a mess of things in there! So I got it all cleaned up and put back together right before I started my latest order of the Sesame Street crib comforter. Thanks to this project I sat down and watched some Sesame Street with B-Rae last night. Boy did it take me right back to my child hood! Such a fun cute educational show, we loved it. I think Elmo is the cutest little creature on there!

 Is anyone else excited about Easter?! I am! I know I know, I should chill out because it’s over a month away! Hahaha!! I can’t though I want to make dresses for little girls to wear on their Easter egg hunts, to church and to their Easter dinners 😀 Since pillow case dresses are so darn cute and popular in baby fashion right now I thought I will do more of them in the Easter fashion of course. I do have a couple that I have already made and sent out. You can see pictures on my Facebook and previous posts under the Finished Products category. My first Easter fashion will be constructed from these materials:

I am IN LOVE with these Easter fabrics!

These dresses can be made for MANY sizes! There great by themselves or with leggings and an undershirt. Not to mention a matching hair bow! 😉

 If you would like an Easter dress made for your little girl just message me on here or my email listed below. I have a whole fabric store to choose from! If you like a design but instead of purple you want yellow and green, it can be done!

Much Love! XOXO


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