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Breaking Ground on Sesame Street!

on March 1, 2012

Hey guys!

So today I am officially starting the Sesame Street Crib Comforter for Mrs. Holly Dehlbom. So I will be telling you all about the process and keeping you up to speed with pictures too!

I have already learned that ¼” batting is not thick enough hahaha! I knew in my head how thick it needed to be but when I opened the package this was not it! So off I went to the store knowing the batting needed to be at least twice as thick if not more.

I was however successful in finding “Cookie Monster Blue” which was totally necessary to match the adorable printed fabric. After I sought the approval of the client that she loved the materials I am ready to begin! Here is what we are starting with:



This is to show you the blue back fabric


I had a brilliant thought today! I realized that Easter coming in the near future and what is Easter all about? Well, besides bunnies, eggs, and chicks. Pretty Pretty Dresses!!!

I am scheming up some adorable ensembles! I think I need a sketch pad so I don’t lose these ideas when they pop into my head. Not that I am a great artist :p but I can scribble and make notes!

Much Love Everyone!



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