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New SAHM Fun Stuff!

on February 24, 2012

Hey Guys!

I had a same on the cupcake bow!! Yay! Be sure to go see the super cute selection of Bows on Sale in my Facebook album “For Sale”!

As promised I have made another bow to add to the selection today 🙂 Here ya go..

I ❤ Purple!
Another cuteness view
Lined alligator clip

Hope you like!

So for todays Stay At Home Mom Segment, which is meant for stay at home moms and work at home mom. Let’s face it we’re all at home one way or another! I was spending way too much time on Pinterest the other night after B-Rae had gone to bed and I found this cool Pin. It’s just a little something cute but I want to share it with everyone because I am totally into stuff like this!

Bug Snack Bags!

Fun Snacks/Art Project! First you can have fun making these with or for your kiddo(s) then you can use them. They are simply embellished wooden clothes pins. Then you can pick two snacks of whatever you want to feed your kid(s) and do as shown in the picture. (I think its pretty self-explanatory.) How cute and fun right?! I have this in the Fun Time To Do List for B-Rae and I!

Pinterest really is awesome! If you haven’t gone and joined and given it a go, well then you should! I get great inspiration from Pinterest and am constantly doing fun creative things thanks to it. There is literally something for everyone on there, no matter what your interests are.

Okay folks that’s all for today! Don’t forget to pop over to my Facebook page and add me! Then go straight to the For Sale album to take advantage of the steal deals on bows going on only until Sunday!!!

Much Love,


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