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Hair Bow Sale!!!

on February 22, 2012



I am super excited to announce that I am having my VERY FIRST SALE!!

On my Facebook page where I have them on display I am about to go drop the prices to SALE STATUS!

My Facebook is under Chelsea’s BabyFashions

Here are the bows!! (These all have an alligator clip affixed to the underside)

I ❤ Cupcakes!
Getting ready for SPRING!

Bandana ribbon is so cute!

More Spring Fever!

I made myself one of these! Picture it with a cute ponytail ;

So! I will be making a new bow design everyday throughout the sale and putting them up at SALE prices!!


 The sale is only going through the weekend so don’t wait! All of the bows on display have more availability because I have more of the ribbon 😀 Yay!! Happy Shopping!!


Much Love!


Chelsea’s BabyFashions on Facebook! <<


2 responses to “Hair Bow Sale!!!

  1. YES! I finally found this web page! I’ve been looking just for this article for so long!!

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