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A Little TLC!

on February 17, 2012

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 The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. –Eleanor Roosevelt

I just love that one so much!

Hey guys!

So I’m super excited to announce I have had two custom orders placed this week. Yay!! One is a present so I won’t share that project yet and the other needs a price quote first so it is not a confirmed order. But still! I’m really happy that I have orders coming in. Soon… very soon I will be making premade items and setting them up in my upcoming online shop that you can go shopping in my store and find super cute awesome stuff for your kiddos. 😀

I wanted to share some very important machine sewing info with you today. I am sure like my Singer sewing machine yours will come with routine care instructions. If you do not have this however be sure to google the customer service number for your brand and ask them to send you some. This is super important to making your equipment last as long as possible and not need so many repairs in its lifetime. If you notice that your machine is sounding noisier than usual or the tension is off then you probably want to give it some TLC :).

Here are some generic Routine Care Tips: (From the encyclopedia of sewing)

With your machine unthreaded and unplugged from the power outlet do all of the following:

  • Remove stitch plate
  • Remove bobbin
  • Remove needle
  • Remove bobbin case if possible
  • Remove hook system if applicable


  • Using a lint brush, make-up brush, or soft tooth brush, clean all lint and debris from the feed dog and bobbin areas. Be careful about using canned air to blow out the lint, as it is difficult to keep from blowing some of it into the machine, which could cause future problems.
  • Brush each side of the upper thread tension discs (do this with the presser foot in the up position so the tension discs are open).
  • Use topstitching thread to “floss” on each side of the discs to clear any stray threads that may be down in the tension area.


  • Place one or two drops of oil in the hook area and any other place that your manual directs (most machines today need a minimum of oil). Use only the type of oil recommended for your machine; do not over oil.
  • Run a swatch of fabric under the needle several times to get rid of any excess oil.


  • Replace hook system and bobbin case if needed.
  • Replace switch plate
  • Insert a new needle

I borrowed this picture so illustrate my point 🙂

One of the best things you can do to prolong the life of your machine is make a yearly visit to an authorized technician for deeper cleaning and lubrication. Schedule it for your birthday month, so it’s easy to remember or during your vacation when you won’t be using the machine.

(From The Encyclopedia of Sewing by Donna Kooler)

This really is smart guys because sewing machines aren’t cheap! I am doing a cleaning on the whole sewing room today and decided I needed to give my sewing machine a quickie. I hope this is helpful information to you, it was for me!

Much Love Everyone!


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