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Sewing Space 101

on February 13, 2012

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Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom. – Euripides


First off in light of the holiday tomorrow I have a fun video to share with you from my beauty guru on how to paint your own super cute Valentines Day nails! 😉 Check it out!

Sooo CUTE!!

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Something very important about sewing is having a good work space! Depending on how serious you are you want to have some key things covered to have the best sewing environment for yourself. These key things are lighting, electrical power, flooring, dress form, notion storage, plastic boxes and bins and table top and chair.

Oh my! Let’s talk about this!

Lighting: This is very important because you have some tiny needle eyes, thread, and stitches that you are working with. With out the proper lighting you could not only strain your eyes but not do your best quality of sewing. If your chosen space already has bright lighting then maybe it is not necessary to add additional lighting. My sewing space has just an ordinary ceiling light that is not quite bright enough. So I added a task lamp and between that, the ceiling light and my sewing machine light I am good to go! Inspect your lighting situation and you can choose what will be best.

My additional lighting

Electrical Power: This is pretty simple! Make sure you have enough outlets to power all of your equipment such as sewing machine, hot glue gun, iron etc. If you only have one outlet than consider a power strip that is located in a safe spot. I have a small house hold extension cord that has several outlets to suit my needs.

Flooring: The only thing with flooring is that you may not be able to change what is already there. So just consider this. With tile or linoleum you probably don’t have anything to worry about. However if there is carpet on the floor you may want to be putting down a plastic office chair mat so protect your carpet from whatever your projects may bring. J

Dress Form: Not every body has one! But they are great if you get one in the size of what you make most of your projects. Being able to work in 3D rather than just eye balling is way better! Using a dress form can streamline the garment-making process.

 Notion Storage: Get creative for this! The cool thing is you can customize your space to exactly what suits you! Remember that notions are supplies needed to complete a sewing project along with the pattern and fabric. Think about organization and easy access! I have a special place for buttons, tools, bias tape and elastic, ribbon and thread etc. Look into the plastic organizers at your local Target, Walmart or fabric store.

AWESOME ribbon storage!

Plastic Boxes and Bins: This is for everything else. I have assorted plastic drawer organizers where I keep office type supplies, fabric, patterns, etc. I even have a drawer full of scrapbooking supplies in there. I cannot stress how important organization is in being the best sewer possible!

Notions, office supplies, and hand tools



Fabric, patterns and scrapbook extravaganza storage! The top is my catch all lol

Table Top and Chair: Set your self up with a decent size table top to give you plenty of work space. Be sure you can sit at this table in a coordinating chair that is comfortable for long projects. You need to be able to reach your foot pedal and still be at the appropriate table height so you’re not straining your back.


With these key ingredients you’re ready to get started in your sewing space creating wonderful sewn master pieces!

Much Love!


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