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Fun, Easy, Cute and Inexpensive!

on February 12, 2012

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The essential conditions of everything you do

Must be choice, love, passion.

~Nadia Boulanger


Hey guys!

I made something super fun, easy, cute and inexpensive! All of those things sound great right? 😉


Binky Clips!


The back view


Suspender type snap

Some day hopefully soon when I get my stuff setup I will do a video on how I made these because it is really simple. I did machine sew two places so these are sturdy!

I love the colors and fun patterns and these are such a blessing with little ones always dropping their binkys! 

These will be available IN MY SHOP FOR SURE! Right now you can purchase them at Chelsea’s BabyFashions on Facebook.


This is just a little random excitement: My wedding invitations, well part of them (there’s 4 more boxes coming) arrived on our door step!! Ahhh! How exciting! It is all coming so soon the planning is definitely under way and we are even planning the honeymoon! 😀 I have never been anywhere tropical before in my life and let’s just say I CAN’T WAIT!

B-rae and I discussed and decided that we better start going for long walks together and get to tanning this summer so we fit in with the natives 😀 She had a couple demands… that she get to ride in the stroller on the long walks and play in her pool with sun block on while mommy tans. I think I can work with those kinds of demands!


Any way enough of that. I have super cute little boy items coming this week 🙂

There is a baby shower this weekend and the little one is a boy so of course I’ll be making presents! I also have an order for this baby shower that I’m including in my blog when it’s finished. Looking forward to someone having my products for their little baby!



Talk to you guys soon! Much Love!! Don’t forget to tell your crafty mommy friends about my blog 😉

Everyone can subscribe today!



Chelsea’s BabyFashions on Facebook


Feel free to comment your thoughts and or questions!!



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