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Learning How to Sew Fabulously!

on February 6, 2012

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Excellence makes people nervous.Shana Alexander


Hey all!


We left off on the sewing tutorials with pattern talk. I’ve decided to share a little more on the subject and then some. Let’s jump right in!

I told you about what the pattern packet tells you. Basically it tells you what you will need for the projects enclosed. If you are a beginner you can pick patterns that say something like “easy” or “fast” to get your first couple projects under your belt. Once you open the pattern packet you will find the directions on paper and the pattern pieces are done on tissue paper. BE CAREFUL not to rip this somewhat delicate paper! If you have never used a pattern before it is recommended that you read through the directions before you get started. Make sure you somewhat understand them and if not you can usually google the term or refer to a sewing book so you know what they are talking about. I have done this a couple of times and then a couple more just to double-check.

 You should now cut all of the pattern pieces out on the proper lines and dry iron them on a somewhat low temperature setting (This eliminates creases for a more accurate fabric cut). I only iron the ones I am going to use on the project at hand (Most patterns include how to make several different projects). When you are positioning the pattern pieces on the fabric you want to take note of where the fold line is so that you line that part up correctly. Consult the pattern diagram so that you are on the right track and wrong side from right side. Wrong side is the ugly or non colored side of the fabric where as the right side is the pretty side or color side.

** Paper pattern tip: Once the guide sheets and tissue paper patterns have been removed from the envelope and used, it is almost impossible to refold everything so it fits easily back into the envelope. Try this trick, and you’ll have no trouble keeping your patterns neat and organized. Refold the pattern pieces to be the approximate size of the folded guide sheet, but don’t worry about how flat or neat the pattern pieces are. Place the tissue paper between the sides of the folded guide sheet and compress the layers between your fingers. Now you can slide the guide sheets and pattern pieces into the original envelope with a problem! – Encyclopedia of Sewing 

Seriously I struggled with this a lot! So glad I found this trick! Once you are in the situation it will all make sense Hahaha!


Whether you have your mom’s old sewing machine or a new top of the line sewing computer, you need to know how to use its basic functions to get started. You should refer to your sewing machines manual to learn how it functions. If you do not have it you can call the manufacturer to get one sent to you or see if it is available online.


Key things to know about your sewing machine:

(Look in your manual to see exactly where these parts are located)


This is just an example machine

*Handwheel: Look to the right of your machine to find it, you can crank the wheel to operate your machine by hand. Some machines can only have the hand wheel turned toward you or you can screw up the timing so know how yours works!

*Foot Pedal: Press down on this to operate your needle. There is a cord that attaches to your sewing machine and it gets its power from the machine.  

*Needle Bar: This is where the needle is inserted. It moves the needle up and down when in operation.

*Feed Dog: This is where the fabric is fed through the machine. The presser foot presses the fabric to the feed dogs for smooth movement. On most machines you can put a special plate over the feed dogs so that you can move the fabric through manually also known as “free-motion stitching”.

*Reverse: This is typically used to back tack the beginning and ending of your seams.

*Stitch selector: This is how you change from different stitches. It is different on different machines; it can be a lever, a dial, touch screen, a dial, or a slide.

*Bobbin wider: This is the device located on your machine (mine is on top) for winding thread onto your bobbins. It usually is very simple to do just follow the directions in your manual. Placing the bobbin into the machine can be difficult; it took me awhile to get the swing of it so take your time.

*Stitch plate: This is the metal plate sitting around the feed dogs that usually has notches that help you keep a seam evenly measured. You can usually remove this plate.

*Take up lever: This part regulates the thread as it comes off the spool, pulling just the right amount for each stitch. Know where this is and that its in the proper position for your machine when threading your machine.

*Bobbin Case: This case regulates the tension of the lower thread and is either fixed into the machine or is a separate device.

*Stitch length and width controls: These are the buttons or levers or knobs which control how long or short your stitches will be. Most machines have a default setting for each stitch.

*Shuttle System: This holds the bobbin in its case (lower thread), the shuttle has a hook that grips a loop of needle thread as the needle brings it down; the movement of the shuttle wraps it around the bobbin thread, tightening it to form a stitch.


Best advice so far: Read your manual front to back and watch the DVD if it came with your sewing machine! It can be night-time reading before bed.

 That’s all for now folks! Comment or email me with any questions and I’ll gladly answer them!

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2 responses to “Learning How to Sew Fabulously!

  1. Annissa says:

    Awesome post! You make all fo this so easy to follow and learn. BTW I love love my new ear warming you made me. On my chilly afternoon walks it is so amazing to not freeze my ears off and I look super fashionable too:)

  2. Annissa Coy says:

    Awesome post! You make all fo this so easy to follow and learn. BTW I love love my new ear warming you made me. On my chilly afternoon walks it is so amazing to not freeze my ears off and I look super fashionable too:)

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