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Learning to Sew

on January 25, 2012

Quote of the Day!

Woman must not accept; she must challenge.
She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her;
she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.

~ Margaret Sanger ~


 “I can’t sew” “Sewing is for grannys” “I sucked in Home Ec”

Some of the most common comments from those who don’t sew. Like most things in life you need to have the will to learn and master the skill just like anything else. Did you just take off down the street when daddy first let go of your bicycle? NO! You fell over lol. Same applies here except it will hurt less! Choose a simple and easy first couple of projects to get down the basic skills and then you can grow from there 😉 

Sewing is technically two pieces of fabric being brought together by a needle and thread. That leaves endless possibilities…

There are those who sew projects by hand, some are mainly machine sewers and usually people like you and I use both. The basic categories of sewing projects go something like this:

Quilting: There are whole cloth quilts, pieced quilts and applique quilts. You can make quilt blankets, pillows, clothing, purses and you can have quilted pieces on other non quilting projects. They range in any size really from a Barbie quilt to a king size quilt. Very warm and toasty because quilts are layered with batting and quilted or stitched through the layers.

I have always thought that quilting would be a great long-term project if you have the room for it to be hanging out somewhere while you take the time to complete it. My in-laws have a family member that traditionally makes denim quilts out of used jeans and it is way cool. She gives them as family heirloom gifts!

Fashion Sewing: This is all clothing for women, men, children and pets. That is including fashion accessories such as scarves, purses and undergarments. From socks to coats this category is a big one!

This is my work

As you can see from previous posts I am focusing on the children’s clothing right now 😉 where see where this journey takes me! There is something about going to the store with my daughter and having someone compliment her outfit having no idea I made it until I tell them. Seriously kind of goes to my head! :p

Home Decor: Take a look around at our house hold items, if they are made with fabric they are included in this category. Furniture, the pillows and throws on them, your table-cloth, napkins, hand towels, bedding etc. AGAIN with the endless possibilities!

Everyone wants to have their own unique home decor right? Well it doesn’t get more original than one of a kind that you  yourself made. If your feeling excited right now its because your inspired and one of these categories so far has caught your interest. That’s Great! Hold on to that and I will help you out along the way 😉

Crafting: This broad category includes things that don’t fit into other categories. Typically small items like tote bags, fiber art pieces, purses, jewelry, hair bows etc. These are projects that may include a little bit of sewing with other constructing aspects where some of these projects are all sewing but again doesn’t fall into of the other categories.

All made by yours truly ❤

I make hair bows and there is a minor amount of sewing usually but so much fun! I have a future project planned to make reusable shopping bags 🙂 My way of being “green”!

Embellishing: Embellishing isnt actually the item being made but is still a project involved in making the item. For example, the fabric flower on my pink ear warmer was a sewing project but is now the embellishment on another item. Sometimes there is a store bought item that you can make an added embellishment to add to it for that special touch.

Oh hello here I am!


Silly girl! See how I embellished both pieces with buttons and fabric flowers?









I love embellishing my projects because it just gives it more life!

Sew one sew all! There is no rule about sticking to one category or mixing them together, endless possibilities people! I know I have and will continue to dabble in all categories.

This is the begining understanding. Next time we will take it further and before you know it you will be a pro!

TTFN!! Much Love!

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