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Tuesday! Tuesday! SAHM #4

on January 24, 2012

Good Morning everyone!

Here’s a thought for you from the book by Donna Kooler called “The Encyclopedia of Sewing”.

“At its most basic, sewing is the joining of two pieces of material (usually fabric) with needle and thread. Anyone can do it simply by piercing a threaded needle in and out of the two layers of fabric. It’s easy to understand, easy to do, and within a minute or two, you can sew your first piece. But, as with most skills, you can start at the beginning and take it as far as you want.” 

I plan to take it very far 😉

Thanks Teagan for the awesome book! This is going to be a great read! FYI they also have Encyclopedia of Needlework, Encyclopedia of Knitting, Encyclopedia of Crochet, and Encyclopedia of Quilting. They are full of each topic from history to basics, everything you need to know about materials involved to practice projects. Pick your craft and go for it! Let me know if you do! I would love to hear about it!!!

Sewing goes way back....


BUT it's still hot! 😉

 Todays SAHM segment is going to be a continue of the “Keeping the house clean and your sanity at the same time” topic previously brought up. I have shared my views of this with some friends and family and it has been reported that they adapted to their own version of clean house. WONDERFUL right!

A GOOD POINTER: Pick up your “front room” before bed but after kiddos have gone to bed. It can be as fast as 5 MINUTES and I promise it makes the next morning start off much nicer.

 As promised before here is the list that I go by when giving the house a once over 🙂 It is simple and straight to the task.


Do Dishes, Empty Trash, Clean Microwave, Wipe Counters, Clean out Fridge, Wipe down appliances, Take apart and clean high chair, Wash bottle rack, Clean Floor.

Living Room:

Put away toys, Wipe everything down, Wash throw blankets, Dust, Windex all glass, P/U and put away everything else, Vacuum (Hall too)

B-Rae’s Room:

Put away toys, Wipe everything down, vacuum, laundry, empty diaper pail

My Room:

P/U everything and put away, Wash bedding, Laundry, Dust, Vacuum (bath room & closet too)

My Bath Room and 2nd Bathroom:

Clean shower, Disinfect toilet, Wipe down counter and sink, Empty trash, Windex mirror, Mop

Laundry Room:

Wipe down washer, dryer, Empty trash, Mop


Clean up deck, Rinse out pool (obviously summer time only)

I'm not telling you to do it in your high heels! BUT if you want to go right ahead!!

 Now you don’t have to wash your bedding every week along with a couple other things on this list that you can decide how often you want it done 🙂 Take my “simple & to the task” approach and refine it for your needs! But please tell me about it if you do!!! I’d love to hear how you made it work for your family.

Have a Fabulous day! Much Love!


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