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Sunday Funday!

on January 22, 2012

Let”s start this post with a quote I came across today.

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
—Anais Nin

There’s some food for thought 😉 I hope it inspires something for you.

Here is something worth checking out I promise!

This is a Beauty Guru who shares HOT tips all the time!! She has a blog to subscribe to and

 a you tube channel where you can watch her show and tell everything she’s doing!


Moving on!

Here is my doll baby showing how she’s having so much fun in mommy’s latest creation that she barely has time to stop and pose! 😀

I just love the bow! This one is made with an elastic waist band, nice and stretchy 🙂









Tasty too!









I am excited to be sending off a dress, 4 ear warmers and a hooded bath towel this week!! Yay!

 If you see something you like message me or comment and we can chat about it!


Here is a little something I was working on last night:

Bib For 18 month +

I love these bibs and will be sending one off soon in  an order and i can’t wait to hear the review!
I’m looking forward to a new week of cleaning, cooking, loving baby, and sewing up new creations ❤
TTFN! Much Love to All!! Have fun in whatever weather you have right now 🙂
 XOXO Chelsea
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