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For the tiny dancer!

on January 20, 2012

What is pink and purple and fluffy?

This tutu!!!



My tiny dancer is getting her beauty rest. So this display will have to do 🙂
This was all done by hand, the bow is hand sewn on so it can’t be untied or pulled off. I believe all little girls must have tutu’s! B-rae loves to wear these with any outfit whether its fashionably appropriate or not! In our book they are always appropriate 😀
These are all $9.95 plus shipping. Any colors can be made!! 
Woohoo!! Im loving all these cute new items! If you are too (I bet you are 😉 let me hear about it!

TTFN! MUCH LOVE! Stay warm!

Chelsea’s BabyFashions (facebook)


One response to “For the tiny dancer!

  1. Annissa Coy says:

    So pretty and cute!! I want to see B-rae in it:0)

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