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Stay at Home Mom #3

on January 17, 2012

Okay moms! Let’s talk nutrition, and not just for baby but you too! How do you make sure your little one is getting the right amount of each food group on the daily? Do you find that it comes naturally? Do you keep a mental note throughout the day? Or do you have a menu that helps you stay on track?

I do all of the above! Since B-Ray was born I was obsessed with her having a super healthy diet. I had a routine of baby food so that she got all the nutrition she needed on a daily basis. However now that she is older it’s changed a bit but I am still steadfast on a healthy palette. We enjoy doing naughty fun foods with her here and there such as candy or French fries. At home it varies kind of. I have a list of healthy toddler foods for her age on the side of my fridge so that when her daddy is in charge of a meal it s a quick guide for him. Otherwise it would be Cheerios and fruit snacks for dinner! Here is a typical menu for my toddler for a day:

                                                Breakfast: Cheerios and fruit

                                                (She doesn’t typically want a morning snack)

                                                 Lunch: Cheese, hard-boiled egg and sometimes veggies

                                                 Snack: Crackers and milk

                                                 Dinner: Spaghetti and veggies

If you want to get some tips and pointers check out and use their search engine. It’s also good to find out what your child can or cannot have at his/her age. Now! My nutrition is kept track of very easy on My Fitness Pal (FREE app for smart phones). This app also tracks my calories for me. You can also go to their website and they will let you use their awesome tools to set a weight loss goal specifically for you. What do you do for nutrition as far as you and your little one??

Hooded Bath Towel For Baby Boy! Here we have it! A whole new item I mastered yesterday 🙂

This fits my 18 month old and with room to spare

I found that this was such a fun project to make I can’t wait to make another one! There are so many fun colors and characters to make the end of bath time just as fun as getting in! This is a nice thick towel sure to keep the teeth chatters away after bath time 😉

See nice size :)Want one right?!

You will be seeing more of this a little later on because I am already on to the next item! Sorry not telling it’s a surprise…. But it will be from the Joann’s haul from last Sundays post 😉

The Facebook will be updated soon so be watching 😀

I’m wondering how my followers would feel about a youtube channel being linked into some of my posts so you can see ME of course and get a better feel for how I operate…? Tell me what you think about this?! I know I have lots of viewers everyday so DON’T BE SHY!! Lets hear it!

Much Love! Have a Fabulous Day!


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4 responses to “Stay at Home Mom #3

  1. Sandra Critchlow says:

    I think the YouTube channel is a good idea :). Love the bath towel!

  2. Teagan Ewens says:

    youtube channel!!!! do it!!!!

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