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Stay At Home Mom! Part #2

on January 12, 2012

Keeping a Clean House and our Sanity…


Alright so if you know me, you will probably agree I am known for my good house keeping 😉 But for all of you getting to know my story I’d LOVE to tell you all about it! Hahaha! My family would laugh/roll their eyes at this because I’ve already told them all about this.. but I know they love me despite my… passion for good house keeping 😀

First things first ladies! Break it down! Scribble out a list by room of what you know needs to be done. Most people run around all over the house doing various things here and there as they see them. This is better than nothing but being structured, I promise will get more done efficiently! It will take 5 minutes to write a quick list while you are pumping your self up for the task at hand.


There are two paths you can take at this point…

Either designate a day that you attack your house or designate a room a day. For me I have gone back and forth depending on my schedule. You may find that if you’re going to “Seriously Clean” you want to get it all done in one day. Some of you find yourselves getting a room done and by then your little one needs your attention. Whatever your reasons are make your choice and set it.


What do I do with my child while I’m hard at work?

Great question!

When I am cleaning or sewing 😉 I will take that time to do these things so that she is entertained:

  1. Watch a movie
  2. Eat in her high chair (whatever meal time it is or snack time)
  3. HELLO!? Nap Time!
  4. Reading time
  5. Play in your room time 

If your child is too young for these activities than you can easily put your little one in a bouncer, swing, play chair or high chair and entertain him or her for a while this way 🙂

Don’t make excuses!! Turn your jam on the stereo and just do it! You can always let your little one help you out!

Like this:

Taken last summer, now she climbs inside!


Try this out! I promise if you follow this guide your house will be cleaner and more organized. This is just grazing this topic for me.. if people are further interested in learning how to get that “Clean All The Time House” I can post more about this!!

I’ve got all kinds of tips and secrets in this department! (Just ask my family) 😉

I would love to even post my own personal house cleaning list that I use every week, let me know how you are on this topic!! Please! And be honest people LOL!

Much Love! Stay tuned I am working on new projects!! Subscribe to NEVER MISS OUT!






One response to “Stay At Home Mom! Part #2

  1. Annissa Coy says:

    Ok your model is too CUTE!!! Love her little smile:) Please post more about organizing your house cleaning. Love It!!

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