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on January 11, 2012

I swear not very many things get me more EXCITED than say… … A SALE!! Most ladies can feel me on this one right??

So I want you to know that I am a frugal lady when it comes to shopping. I want to get a good deal every time! You should really get into this mind set too I promise you will be able to do much much more your funds if you get the most outta your buck.

For example:
I’m ready to make another trip to Sewing Heaven (aka Joann’s) fir some new project supplies. Last time I stopped by Joann’s they put an upcoming SALE FLYER in my bag. Now at the time I almost tossed it because I didn’t know when I was going back in. But WAIT don’t throw this out when you can be a smarty and take advantage of great deals!

A smart and easy way to go about being a crafty diva is to do one or all of the following tips:

1. Go online and look at their upcoming sales events
2. Ask when your in the store at check out or pop in when your running errands.

3. Some stores even have an email subscription that will send them right to your inbox!

More bang for your buck ladies!!

This is key to being a frugal crafter. So here is the sale flyer that I have:










I am all about being as prepared as I can! So I have highlighted the sales that I want to check out and take advantage of when I get there.


Be Excited!! This means I will come home with plenty of goods to create some FABULOUS items to share with you!! Much Love! Have a fabulous day!


P.S. Something BIG is coming in the near future for this blog 😉

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2 responses to “SALE ALERT!!!

  1. Annissa Coy says:

    Cool way to mark the sales and dates you want to keep track of.

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