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SAHM Segment #1!!!

on January 10, 2012

SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) Segment #1

Here we go! This is going to be a Tuesday Thursday topic. I am passionate about this topic because well this is what I do every day! RAIN or SHINE, sick or well, tired or rested, and so on 😉

This is only going to get better as I become a Work At Home Mom, which I will LOVE calling myself a WAHM! Kinda in your face sounding isn’t it… Well that’s how my daughter’s personality is these days!

A couple of weeks ago my fiancé and I were suffering from the “Bed time Battles”. This is what we refer to as the couple weeks where our daughter got progressively more and more difficult to get to sleep. We’re talking wouldn’t go down until as late as 10:30! That is crazy for a toddler! Has anyone experienced this? She would go down when she was darn well ready to and then she started waking up at night!! What the Heck?! She was an angel as an infant and 98% of the time since she was born she slept through the night. I know right! We had to wake her up at feeding times, no joke.

So anyway! I did my mommy research and found that everyone out there is swearing by a “Bed Time Routine”. So we started ours that night. It soon got dubbed the B Series, here’s why.


1. Bath 2. Book 3. Bottle (now a sippy) 4. Brush 5. Binky 6. Bed


That very first night she went down with out a peep. Slept all through the night and woke up a happy camper.

We will probably modify this by age and do it forever! With all of our future children as well! It is AWESOME! She knows her routine now and she reaches for the next step before we do sometimes. Apparently some nights she knows its coming and she wants to get right to it Hahaha! She also likes to take her book of the night to bed. She looks at it by the light of her crib musical thingy and I’m not in there but Im guessing she falls asleep shortly after.

Here is what I get ready before bath time so we are prepared for a smooth bed time routine every night.


Everything is laid out for a smooth routine 😉


P.S. I like to start the routine at the same time every night (as close as realistic) so that she doesn’t get thrown off. I’d love some feed back on this!! Let me know what works for you!

 Much Love!!! Today is a Fabulous day to SUBSCRIBE!! Big things are planned here! 😉


6 responses to “SAHM Segment #1!!!

  1. Katie says:

    Hey there Chelsea! We have missed you guys! Your projects are so cute! Good job! And for the schedule thing we learned that schedules work too we do the same thing. How is everything?

  2. Alexis says:

    Bed time routines are KEY. You’ll find that if you ever break from the routine, ie you’re on vacation or during a holiday that she may revert back to her “bed time battles.” We actually put Jade down at 10pm every night. You might think that’s late but I don’t want to get up at 6am in the morning. She sleeps from 10pm to 8am every night. The thing is 10pm works for us.
    I love how you named it and how it’s all laid out. Wish I would have done that when Jade was younger.

    • Yes Alexis! When we go on vacation we try to stick yo the routine as much as possible. We do a pretty good job and that way she doesn’t get frustrated or confused. It would be no good to revert back to “Bed Time Battles”!

  3. Jeriann says:

    We do a similar routine! Until recently we did the exact order! Now we switched it to Bottle (sippy), Bath, Brush, Book, Binky (and then rock for less than five minutes to relax her), Bed. We started the milk downstairs with everyone a little bit before the routine starts now so that if we have any future children she is used to a faster routine. It has worked out wonderfully! Thanks for sharing! What a great routine you’ve started! It makes their life so much happier 🙂 What a fantastic WAHM you are!

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