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What I’ve Found So Far With The Patterns!

on January 8, 2012

I went to Hobby Lobby as you can see in a previous post. My first plan of action was looking at the pattern packets. I think they are GREAT! They usually show you how to either make a couple different pieces or one piece a couple different ways. The pattern catalogs that are available for browsing make it easy to find a pattern that you want. The pattern companies have their patterns pre-priced so unless the store has a pattern sale they are going to be the same retail price as the other stores. Now this isn’t counting if you buy them used, just make sure that all of the pieces you need are still in the used pattern packet. Also you can shop online I found some I will be purchasing on 🙂

My next move was to go check out these pattern books. They are a great detailed way to learn step by step what you are making. They include the patterns so its just a more detailed version of the pattern packets. However finding a book that is worth paying the extra change for can be tricky. Most of the books I saw either weren’t my style of items or they had such a wide array of items that I was only interested in a couple of the patterns they had. For example; I found a book that had 2 super cute baby patterns that I wanted however the other 8 items were of no interest to me. They had nothing to do with baby anything.

This is why I purchased the pattern packet that I showed you in a previous post. I am not done with this though! I looked at Hobby Lobby and Joann’s with out finding a book that was right for me. So next move! Going to keep my eye out to see if I can find one more suitable to what I am looking for. Hope this is informational to you especially if you are new to sewing and looking to find the most efficient way to spend your funds 😉

Until next time! Much Love Everyone! Thank you so much for reading and pretty please subscribe to my blog!

P.S. Just a side note a follower thought I should share with you. I did not use a pattern for my Monkey & Bird Sets. I did the measurements by eye for the bib, burp cloth and wash cloth. 😀


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