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I Want To Start An Online Business Now!

on January 5, 2012

Well not right this very second but I want this ball rolling pronto! I have my sewing room all set up now. I do want to add some loving touches to it to give it a comfy vibe. But the essentials are in there! Here is a picture so you have a visual of where the magic happens 😉




Keep in mind it really doesn’t take alot of space to do this! I can see some shelves going up above the table and Ta Dah! I plan on making my products purchasable through Facebook and Etsy. Which by the way if you haven’t been to  GO NOW! It is a wonderful world of everything home made and hand made.

I would love to show my fellow stay at home moms that you all have a talent or somehting you have thought of that you could turn into a valuable resource for every one else! I have a growing list of items I want to sew and sell 🙂 I hope you all like what you are seeing because there’s plenty more coming!



4 responses to “I Want To Start An Online Business Now!

  1. Me too! I got some ideas up my sleeves. Can’t wait to see your creations!

  2. Annissa Coy says:

    I love the space. Shelves up the wall will be nice:)

  3. I agree! I was thinking some wall decor would warm it up real nice too 🙂

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