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Hobby Lobby Haul!

on January 4, 2012

Ok! Here we go! My first craft store haul:


Here we have a craft measureing mat it is great for getting accurate fabric measurements and cutting stright lines. Then the pizza cutter looking thing is called a rotary knife which is again key for cutting easier straighter lines faster. I purchased this pattern for pillow case dresses and it is a part of my “pattern packet vs pattern book” investigation. The super cute gender mutual flannel is adorable! Then there are 2 spools of all purpose thread in Hot Pink and that Luscious Brown 😀 This will look AMAZING when I use the fancy stitches!

I’ll be probably getting my fabric at Joanns from now on, prices vary between the two stores but Joanns just has SO much MORE selection of everything! Don’t get me wrong there are still so many things that Hobby Lobby carries that Joanns does not but as far as sewing materials it looks like off to Joanns I go!

Much Love!




4 responses to “Hobby Lobby Haul!

  1. Annissa Coy says:

    Um…do they have these dresses in my size? Cute!

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