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First Items Sewn!

on January 3, 2012

Okay! I am really happy with how my first few baby items turned out! Yes! I think I am addicted to sewing already… I have a niece and nephews that will be soon spoiled with gifts from auntie. 🙂 This is seriously fun. Ok with out further ado here are some pics of what I have made!

This shows the leaf vine stitching I did on the burp cloth and wash cloth, cute right?!

This is what I named "The Monkey Set" Burp cloth, wash cloth and bib!


Complete with velcro buckle 🙂


This is the start of the "Bird Set" This is the burp cloth



Look at this super cute Kite Tail stitching I did on this!

Tomorrow B-Ray (My daughters blog name) and I are going to Hobby Lobby to get more supplies so I can make more cute fun stuff. We live out in the country so we will be making a day out of going to town and going to the store. All of you mama’s out there know how much effort that takes on our part ;). I will be back tomorrow to share my findings and I plan on getting to the bottom of that pattern book I mentioned in the previous post!
TTFN (tah tah for now)

8 responses to “First Items Sewn!

  1. These are AWESOME!!! Just got a sewing machine myself. First thing on my list are curtains for my bedroom. Gotta learn those perfect straight lines first! 🙂

    • Maria,
      I am so excited for you! You should see if your machine has guide lines on it to help you guide a straight line. They are on either side of the needle plate. That is what I like to do. Between that and practice it works out nice 🙂

  2. Annissa Coy says:

    Fun fabric. Great pictures with detail.

  3. Teagan Ewens says:

    Love everything!!! Can’t wait to get “‘The Monkey Set”!!! Keep it comin!

  4. sandralee1958 says:

    You are off to a great start, I love the prints on the material, and the sets you have made, they are darling and you can never have too many for each little one, to help keep them cute and clean 🙂

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