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Sewing Lessons! A Cavewoman could do it!


If the future is to remain open and free, we need people who can tolerate

the unknown, who will not need the support of completely worked-out systems

or traditional blueprints from the past.                  -Margaret Mead


Fabulous Fabrics

What is it about fabric? Is it the color, the texture, the feel of the fibers that are woven together? What is it about fabric that compels a stitcher to touch, to stroke, to feel each piece? There doesn’t seem to be the same intense pull to touch clothing or furniture or other items made of cloth, but the possibility and the promise of what that fabric may become causes a stitcher to stroke and handle yardage. It’s part of the process of becoming one with the fabric, trying to determine its future life. -The Encyclopedia of Sewing

Now that is passion! I have to say that I definetly feel a pull towards clothing on the rack hahaha! Nothing like a perfect top for the upcoming occassion 😉 But anyway we are getting off subject here.


So! The next step is PATTERNS! Here’s everything you need to know about getting your pattern stash started:


The back of the pattern packet

The best way to shop for patterns… is totally up to you! There are a few different ways to go about it. I started my collection by catching a killer 99 cent sale at Joanns.

If it’s the store you are heading for you can find a table with seating where you can browse through the big name catalogs.When you see a pattern you like its super easy to look at the pattern number and go to the appropriate filing drawer (marked with the brand name). Look up the number and there you have it!

I have found cheaper alternatives!!!


You will quickly find that the store bought patterns are upwards to $17 + and if you don’t like that price than listen up!


One way to get around the higher store bought prices is to go directly to the pattern companies web site and be sure to check out their sale section online. You can be a super thrifty and watch for a killer sale at your sewing supply store of choice, like I said earlier I scored the moajority of my first patterns from a great sale. You can also get on and browse around to find good deals on there too. They are usually less than the store bought prices.

However you want to go about it HAVE FUN!! I love shopping for patterns because there are so many that its just like clothes shopping except you get to create it just how you want it 😀

The print is small on these packets!

One thing you should know is that patterns can be very intimidating to the begginer sewer. Located on the back of the pattern is all of the supplies you will need and in what amount per what size you want.

Pick what design you want to do then their should be a letter indicating to it’s supplies on the packet. Let’s say the corresponding letter is “B” then you need to refer to all of the supplies that are first indicated by that letter. If you can see on the picture what I’m talking about then you should know what I mean. You may need some body measurements in order to pick what size of the garment you want to make. If your making a none clothing item then you may or not need meaurements for your project. So have these written down before you go shopping for supplies. Be sure to get everything you will need for your project so you don’t have to run back to the store later. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from an employee at the store. They will be able to point you in the right direction and help you decipher a tricky pattern. Notions are also listed on the patterns supply list.


Notions- a general term that indicates supplies needed to complete a sewing project along with the pattern and fabric; examples are zippers, buttons, twill tape, thread, etc.                     -Encyclopedia of Sewing

You can find all kinds of different patterns!






Once you have all of the supplies you will need to complete your project (make sure you have the tools you will be needing also, atleast the essentials I told you about in a previous Sewing Lesson post) you should open your pattern packet and take a once over of the directions. If you don’t recognize some of the terms be sure to look it up so you fully understand your instructions. This is important because if you don’t understand you may be dissapointed when your project doesn’t come out properly.

**I like to cut out all of my pattern pieces to get rid of the excess pattern tissue paper. MAKE SURE you are cutting them out on the biggest size so you don’t ruin the pattern pieces. When you have them all cut out gather the pieces you will need by following the instructions. They typically have each project design listed and then a series of numbers regarding what pattern pieces are needed, you can find these numbers printed on the corresponding pattern pieces. Before you get started cutting out your fabric you should turn your iron on the lowest dry setting and give your pattern pieces a delicate once over so that they will lay flat on the fabric ensuring a more accurate cut 😉 Little trick courtesy of your truly.

To be Continued…


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Much Love All! TTFN! Stay tuned for tomorrows SAHM Segment 😉



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What does every little girl need??

“If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun” 😉        -Katharine Hepburn


 The answer to this posts title is this! BOWS!!

Bows for little girls are like heels to women. You can never have too many ;D

I made a couple today that I’d like to share!

I made them to fit B-rae so they are little 🙂


They have a small alligator clip on the other side


Now she'll be ready for spring! Get one for your darling at Chelsea's BabyFashions on Facebook!!


I will be borrowing this from B-rae! Clip it onto a headband or straight to your hair so cute next to a ponytail!!


I would LOVE to film a lesson on how to make these! Very soon! You want to see how to make them? Tell me!

This one I made for my neice a few months ago!

Bows like these will be added to my For Sale album on Facebook !

Find me at Chelsea’s BabyFashions on Facebook


Don’t forget to check out my Kickstarter project! Please remember that this is ending in 28 days, that means I am working really hard to get the word out as far as I can in that time. Please share this with everyone you think will be interested in my project J   <<< Go Here! It’s easy to copy the link and post on your facebook or in an email! I’d greatly appreciate it!

Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.


Much Love To Everyone!! Have a lovely night!


Chelsea ❤


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So Much is Happening Here!


“Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do.

Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.”

-Ella Fitzgerald

Omgosh I am so excited today!! I have so much going on for Passion For Baby Fashion right now!

If you haven’t seen my Facebook it can be found by searching for Chelsea’s BabyFashions and I love friends 🙂

My Kickstarter project launched yesterday AH! This is a big deal people! You can see it here be sure to help me share this with as people as we can. I have so much to share and I just need a little support 😀

I am brand new to Twitter!! You can follow the most frequent updates by adding @coychelsea Do it!

I hope I’m not forgetting anything! But that’s the big stuff today 🙂

I’ve got some seriously cute stuff in the making right now but not quite finished yet! I will share them as soon as I’m finished!!


Having a good basic stock of the following items will make sure you are set to begin. Having a sewing machine would be fantastic for you but if you are a hand sewer than you may not have  a need for one. You can go to stores such as Joann’s, Costco, Walmart, etc. to find one new. You can check out online shopping by simply googleing it or I would check out Of course if you want to be budget minded be sure to browse craigslist, and your local 2nd hand thrift stores. Be sure to do your research before you choose. Make sure that you are getting a sewing machine that fits your sewing needs 🙂

Here is a list of basic tools to have in your sewing box:

Straight pins: These are used for so many things in sewing they are a must! I recommend the ones that have a decorative head (ball, bead, flat flower) because they are easier to grasp.

Pin Cushion: These are obviously used to hold onto your pins for you so they don’t end up on your seat 😉 Pick whatever kind you want as long as you can poke needles into it. There are magnetic ones that are cool too. You can make your own!

Seam Ripper: This was a god send for my first couple projects! While getting used to the different layers and such I had to pull a few seams to get it right. It should have a cover, a small point, and a sharp inner blade.

Scissors: There is an endless amount of scissors out there, but don’t be fooled you pretty much need two pairs. Have a pair of 7″-8″ bent handle shears, these are the best for big cutting jobs that your rotary cutter isn’t right for. I like to cut out my patterns with these. Then be sure to have a small pair of 4″-5″ trimming scissors, great for snipping thread or little pieces of fabric here or there. These are best for the little snips that the other two pairs make difficult.

Tape Measure: This is the kind that you can drape around your neck for quick access. These are fabulous! Have one and you’ll see why! They are essential.

Fabric Markers: Okay there are a ton of these, I think it is up to you! See what you are comfortable with. I have a chalk pencil and fabric marker that washes out. Pay attention to not ruining your project because you used something that stained.

Rotary cutter: Reminds me of a pizza cutter, but don’t mix the two! It is so much easier and faster to cut your fabric pieces with this tool. There are different sizes to fit your different needs. 

Rotary Cutting Mat: Unless you want to cut up your work table or kitchen table this is a must have! It a cutting board for your sewing room AND it has a ruler across the whole thing.

Clear Rulers: Again works great along with the rotary cutter and mat.

So there you have it! Get these supplies gathered up and you are on your way to sewing master! I have seen several “Starter Kits” at craft stores. Don’t forget to check out sales and such when your shopping for these items 😉

Much Love! TTYL!

Don’t forget to check out my Kickstarter project! Please remember that this is ending in 29 days, that means I am working really hard to get the word out as far as I can in that time. Please share this with everyone you think will be interested in my project 🙂   <<< Go Here!

Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.

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Kickstarter is HERE!!!! Yay!!

Lovely little quote:

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.”
– Desmond Tutu

Follow this link to see Kickstarter and watch my video!

My project is to design and create high quality children’s products that are unique to the mass produced selection in stores today. Products such as rompers, dresses and super cute onesies with accessories such as bows, hats and head bands to match. Bedding of different styles for little boys and little girls, blankets made of soft flannel, cozy fleece, and the ultra soft minky fabric. I have a very reasonable price range for all of my products. I will launch an online store via Facebook and Etsy as well as my own website.

I was inspired for this project when I realized that I never wanted to put my child in a day care everyday to have a stranger raise her. I want to teach the beauty of life at home with her loving parents. I want to inspire her to see what I have accomplished and that anything is possible and she can do whatever her heart desires. Parents want the best for their kids and that’s how it started!

I have a strong chemistry with creating things and having a ton of fun doing it I am the perfect person to take on this project! I strive to inspire stay at home moms to find their talent and or passion and make it bloom. To create my own store chalk full of the most adorable products for kids made by my very own hands! I will make a variety of clothing that will have you pulling out the camera! This will all be so personalized! Specially made specifically for your loved one.

I have had great success with bows, bibs, burp cloths, pillow case dresses and wash cloths and more that I have already made and put to use in my families house hold. I am creating new, fun and simply adorable items almost everyday right now! I want them to get out into the world for everyone to have their own unique taste of Baby Fashion! I will make new creations constantly so that there is always something new to choose from. Everyone will have the opportunity to have a custom design of their own. Imagine having custom aprons for you and your child that are custom made and match your kitchens theme or your childs favorite thing to make in the kitchen with you…

Follow this link to see the video!                 


Much Love Everybody! Let’s makes this big and let everybody know this is happening! Thank you!


Chelsea’s BabyFashions on Facebook

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Learning to Sew

Quote of the Day!

Woman must not accept; she must challenge.
She must not be awed by that which has been built up around her;
she must reverence that woman in her which struggles for expression.

~ Margaret Sanger ~


 “I can’t sew” “Sewing is for grannys” “I sucked in Home Ec”

Some of the most common comments from those who don’t sew. Like most things in life you need to have the will to learn and master the skill just like anything else. Did you just take off down the street when daddy first let go of your bicycle? NO! You fell over lol. Same applies here except it will hurt less! Choose a simple and easy first couple of projects to get down the basic skills and then you can grow from there 😉 

Sewing is technically two pieces of fabric being brought together by a needle and thread. That leaves endless possibilities…

There are those who sew projects by hand, some are mainly machine sewers and usually people like you and I use both. The basic categories of sewing projects go something like this:

Quilting: There are whole cloth quilts, pieced quilts and applique quilts. You can make quilt blankets, pillows, clothing, purses and you can have quilted pieces on other non quilting projects. They range in any size really from a Barbie quilt to a king size quilt. Very warm and toasty because quilts are layered with batting and quilted or stitched through the layers.

I have always thought that quilting would be a great long-term project if you have the room for it to be hanging out somewhere while you take the time to complete it. My in-laws have a family member that traditionally makes denim quilts out of used jeans and it is way cool. She gives them as family heirloom gifts!

Fashion Sewing: This is all clothing for women, men, children and pets. That is including fashion accessories such as scarves, purses and undergarments. From socks to coats this category is a big one!

This is my work

As you can see from previous posts I am focusing on the children’s clothing right now 😉 where see where this journey takes me! There is something about going to the store with my daughter and having someone compliment her outfit having no idea I made it until I tell them. Seriously kind of goes to my head! :p

Home Decor: Take a look around at our house hold items, if they are made with fabric they are included in this category. Furniture, the pillows and throws on them, your table-cloth, napkins, hand towels, bedding etc. AGAIN with the endless possibilities!

Everyone wants to have their own unique home decor right? Well it doesn’t get more original than one of a kind that you  yourself made. If your feeling excited right now its because your inspired and one of these categories so far has caught your interest. That’s Great! Hold on to that and I will help you out along the way 😉

Crafting: This broad category includes things that don’t fit into other categories. Typically small items like tote bags, fiber art pieces, purses, jewelry, hair bows etc. These are projects that may include a little bit of sewing with other constructing aspects where some of these projects are all sewing but again doesn’t fall into of the other categories.

All made by yours truly ❤

I make hair bows and there is a minor amount of sewing usually but so much fun! I have a future project planned to make reusable shopping bags 🙂 My way of being “green”!

Embellishing: Embellishing isnt actually the item being made but is still a project involved in making the item. For example, the fabric flower on my pink ear warmer was a sewing project but is now the embellishment on another item. Sometimes there is a store bought item that you can make an added embellishment to add to it for that special touch.

Oh hello here I am!


Silly girl! See how I embellished both pieces with buttons and fabric flowers?









I love embellishing my projects because it just gives it more life!

Sew one sew all! There is no rule about sticking to one category or mixing them together, endless possibilities people! I know I have and will continue to dabble in all categories.

This is the begining understanding. Next time we will take it further and before you know it you will be a pro!

TTFN!! Much Love!

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Tuesday! Tuesday! SAHM #4

Good Morning everyone!

Here’s a thought for you from the book by Donna Kooler called “The Encyclopedia of Sewing”.

“At its most basic, sewing is the joining of two pieces of material (usually fabric) with needle and thread. Anyone can do it simply by piercing a threaded needle in and out of the two layers of fabric. It’s easy to understand, easy to do, and within a minute or two, you can sew your first piece. But, as with most skills, you can start at the beginning and take it as far as you want.” 

I plan to take it very far 😉

Thanks Teagan for the awesome book! This is going to be a great read! FYI they also have Encyclopedia of Needlework, Encyclopedia of Knitting, Encyclopedia of Crochet, and Encyclopedia of Quilting. They are full of each topic from history to basics, everything you need to know about materials involved to practice projects. Pick your craft and go for it! Let me know if you do! I would love to hear about it!!!

Sewing goes way back....


BUT it's still hot! 😉

 Todays SAHM segment is going to be a continue of the “Keeping the house clean and your sanity at the same time” topic previously brought up. I have shared my views of this with some friends and family and it has been reported that they adapted to their own version of clean house. WONDERFUL right!

A GOOD POINTER: Pick up your “front room” before bed but after kiddos have gone to bed. It can be as fast as 5 MINUTES and I promise it makes the next morning start off much nicer.

 As promised before here is the list that I go by when giving the house a once over 🙂 It is simple and straight to the task.


Do Dishes, Empty Trash, Clean Microwave, Wipe Counters, Clean out Fridge, Wipe down appliances, Take apart and clean high chair, Wash bottle rack, Clean Floor.

Living Room:

Put away toys, Wipe everything down, Wash throw blankets, Dust, Windex all glass, P/U and put away everything else, Vacuum (Hall too)

B-Rae’s Room:

Put away toys, Wipe everything down, vacuum, laundry, empty diaper pail

My Room:

P/U everything and put away, Wash bedding, Laundry, Dust, Vacuum (bath room & closet too)

My Bath Room and 2nd Bathroom:

Clean shower, Disinfect toilet, Wipe down counter and sink, Empty trash, Windex mirror, Mop

Laundry Room:

Wipe down washer, dryer, Empty trash, Mop


Clean up deck, Rinse out pool (obviously summer time only)

I'm not telling you to do it in your high heels! BUT if you want to go right ahead!!

 Now you don’t have to wash your bedding every week along with a couple other things on this list that you can decide how often you want it done 🙂 Take my “simple & to the task” approach and refine it for your needs! But please tell me about it if you do!!! I’d love to hear how you made it work for your family.

Have a Fabulous day! Much Love!


Chelsea’s BabyFashions on Facebook Friend me!


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The Teagan Dress HAT!

Here is the quote for todays post:

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you

really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Isn’t that awesome…. seriously  that’s good stuff!

I had a very challenging experience with todays project… I actually had to walk away from it for a little while hahaha!

But BEHOLD it turned out adorbs!!

She wasn't feeling too great this evening but the little trooper still let me get some shots of the hat 🙂

It matches perfectly! (matches the Teagan dress)


 I have laready made up my mind to add a matching bow to the front. Why yes of course I will include it in a future post to show you 😉

She must like it since she is still wearing it!


OKAY NOW Pinterest has gone viral! If you have not already discoverd it you need to go NOW! is a virtual pin board. You can find anything you like on the web and pin it to your profile to save it forever and ever 😀

It is easy to set up your profile and you get “accepted” in just a couple of days so dont lose faith it is so worth it! You can also have a friend “invite” you to join although I have not actually done this myself. But anywho it is totally awesome and I am all over that stuff it is SO ADDICTING! Message me if you have any questions and I’d be happy to help 🙂

Just a fun little picture here of my assistant being in charge of my sewers tape measure 😉

B-Rae the assistant!

Ok thats all folks! TTFN! Much Love!

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Sunday Funday!

Let”s start this post with a quote I came across today.

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
—Anais Nin

There’s some food for thought 😉 I hope it inspires something for you.

Here is something worth checking out I promise!

This is a Beauty Guru who shares HOT tips all the time!! She has a blog to subscribe to and

 a you tube channel where you can watch her show and tell everything she’s doing!


Moving on!

Here is my doll baby showing how she’s having so much fun in mommy’s latest creation that she barely has time to stop and pose! 😀

I just love the bow! This one is made with an elastic waist band, nice and stretchy 🙂









Tasty too!









I am excited to be sending off a dress, 4 ear warmers and a hooded bath towel this week!! Yay!

 If you see something you like message me or comment and we can chat about it!


Here is a little something I was working on last night:

Bib For 18 month +

I love these bibs and will be sending one off soon in  an order and i can’t wait to hear the review!
I’m looking forward to a new week of cleaning, cooking, loving baby, and sewing up new creations ❤
TTFN! Much Love to All!! Have fun in whatever weather you have right now 🙂
 XOXO Chelsea
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For the tiny dancer!

What is pink and purple and fluffy?

This tutu!!!



My tiny dancer is getting her beauty rest. So this display will have to do 🙂
This was all done by hand, the bow is hand sewn on so it can’t be untied or pulled off. I believe all little girls must have tutu’s! B-rae loves to wear these with any outfit whether its fashionably appropriate or not! In our book they are always appropriate 😀
These are all $9.95 plus shipping. Any colors can be made!! 
Woohoo!! Im loving all these cute new items! If you are too (I bet you are 😉 let me hear about it!

TTFN! MUCH LOVE! Stay warm!

Chelsea’s BabyFashions (facebook)

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The “Pretty Purple” Dress!

OMG I am in love! Check out this cuteness!


Holy cute! I hope you like! These are going for $25 up to 18 month and $35 for any bigger. Plus $4.95 shipping and handling. If you missed it check out my post titled “The Teagan Dress”aka to see a couple examples of how your darling can wear this. If your interested you can comment here or on my facebook and I will gladly discuss what look you want.

Due to the internet being down because of this…


Lol! We have around a foot of snow in 24 hrs. Like alot of Washington right now we are waiting this blizzard out 🙂
I am not able to get the For Sale album up on Facebook. As soon as we are up and running again I’ll get right on that! (Im posting this from my phone)

I hope everyone is warm and cozy!!
Much Love!
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