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The First Post… Yay!

Hi there and hello!

In case you didn’t read the “About Me” I’ll tell you a little bit “about me”. I am a Stay At Home Mom (some people refer to it as SAHM). I have a beautiful 1 1/2 yr. old daughter and a loving fiance. Yep I’m so excited to be getting married next fall! We’ll come back to that later on. Anyway we made a joint decision when we found out that we were expecting that we DID NOT want our little one to be put in daycare. We have nothing against those that do, but it just isn’t for us. So since she was born I have done various things to try to bring in my share of the bacon. I know I know I am caring for the little one so some may think that I shouldn’t worry about it, but Surprise I do. I need a purpose and to have goals made that I am striving for. I have always been a crafty young lady and a couple short weeks ago I had a marvelous idea! Why don’t I take my Love for all things baby and my talent for making things and mix them together and see what happens… So here goes! Stay tuned to see where my new journey takes me 😉


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