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Binky Clips! A mothers best friend

Hi there!

I have exciting news! Passion For Baby Fashion is doing its first giveaway! Woohoo!

Follow this link to enter to win 3 adorable binky clips made by yours truly 😉

You can also check out the other binky clips in the Facebook page album titled Binky clips.


Good luck ladies!


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Just Finished & Current Orders

Hey guys!

So just a quick update here!
I switched from Chelsea’s BabyFashions on Facebook to a fan page under Passion For Baby Fashion. Yay! So go over and like my page so you can see orders come and go, see first what is made and ready to order AND get in on giveaways!

I have completed my biggest order yet! (See previous post My Biggest Order Yet!) Woohoo! Show and tell time 😉


She ordered two sets of four burp cloths …


And the other set…


I do a decorative top stitch every chance I get!


This is the Big reveal for her shopping cart covers as I haven’t posted them on my fan page yet! Lucky you!


These particular cart covers are bring used for holding all of her belongings while she’s out shopping 🙂 (notice no leg or buckle holes)


This is all shipping out today! Woohoo! Can’t wait for her to open it!

Stay tuned for my current orders post coming next!

Much love!


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Extreme Sewing Room Makeover!

Hey there!

I cannot believe how crazy my creative space got before I finally took action!
Does your sewing room look anything like this??


No bueno!! I had to clean every single time I wanted to sew… No fun. There is just too much back here and clearly not enough organization. So if your sewing area does not look like this than good for you 🙂 but mine did so keep reading!



Thanks to my birthday presents I was able to do a complete makeover 😀 thank you to my friends and family!


I have a new door hanging ironing board, eeek! I love it 😉
My goal was to get the table top totally cleared off so that I can use my cutting mat and have enough space while sewing. So this picture is to show you the ironing board and I moved my mini drawer organizer off the sewing table and on top of the other big plastic drawer organizer. I found out that it is key to think about where things fit and function the most efficiently. I also moved my scrapbook container between the two drawer organizers.(There are lots of assorted colors and sizes of these handy organizers at Target and Walmart)


I organized a lot with the stack of colorful plastic containers stacked underneath the sewing table. One has all of my buttons, another is full of patterns, one is bow making supplies, one is rolls of tulle and the other is finished bows and binky clips ready to be shipped out. That all came from all over my sewing area. They are easily accessible and just SO organized!
On the right you can see a new drawer organizer that is holding all of my fabric. I needed that right about a week ago when I reached overflow mode in the fabric dept hahaha!
The big drawer organizer didn’t change much but in case your wondering it has 4 drawers organized with half sewing supplies half assorted craft supplies 🙂


Again thanks to the prefect birthday presents combined with a few things I already had, plus a wonderful husband to help me hang things 😉
Some decor is essential for me because I need to feel inspired and in “my zone”. You can see a few pretties on the wall in the above photo. My thread spools are all up and off the table now hanging on the wall within my short arms reach. A big part of the problem had been my ribbon being everywhere! Now I have it on this adorable ribbon ladder out of the way but totally accessible 😀 (You can find the wall signs at Hobby Lobby, Elvis in Vegas ;). The ribbon ladder at Joann’s and last but not least the top ribbon box dispenser is also available at Hobby Lobby)

That is a quick breakdown of how this Extreme Sewing Room Makeover went down! If you have any questions about how I did things, where they can be found etc. feel free to ask. If anyone is interested I can do a sewing room tour to show more details of what I have and how I am now keeping it organized 🙂

I hope this is helpful to you in some way!

Much love!


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Passion For Baby Fashion


Easter Bows! Yay!

Hi there!

I just love bows! Thank goodness I have a little girl to wear them 🙂
I love bows so much I learned how to make them about a year or so ago.
So I have been seeing so much this last week that I ran right out of white thread!
Totally didn’t see that coming, oops! I live forty five minutes from any store where I can find more.
While waiting to get more thread I decided to get started on the Spring Bow Line by Passion For Baby Fashion. Naturally (for me anyway) with Easter right around the corner I started with a couple Easter themed bows. Lets take a look 😉


Easter colors are so fun and pretty!


You can order these and other colorful choices at Passion For Baby Fashion on Facebook!


I love Easter!! Yay!

I just finished making Bella’s Easter dress yesterday 😉 Ill probably end up making a matching bow!

Have a lovely day!


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Passion For Baby Fashion

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A Reusable Swiffer Wet Jet Pad!

Hey there!

Many of you know I am a Pinterest junkie! Sooo as I was scanning through yesterday I saw that this lady had made herself a reusable swiffer pad. Brilliant!
Naturally I just had to have one 😉

A light bulb went off in my head when I remembered I have leftover fleece from making earwarmers! Yes! So I pulled out my Swiffer Wet Jet and did some quick measurements. Off to the sewing room I went…


It took a total of two minutes to whip this together. I’m so happy I don’t have to spend money on those disposable pads anymore 🙂 Thanks to Pinterest, again, I already stopped buying the solution by half. I try to do a home made solution every other time I mop so I save some mullah there too.


If you look close you will notice that it seems bigger or baggier at one end. That is because it has a scrubber pad on top on that side that I made room for FYI 🙂
I think I will make a couple more so that when I’m using the Wet Jet solution I don’t have to rinse it when it gets too dirty. I normally would go through two of those pads every time I mop, so imagine the savings people!


And I left a space for the cleaning solution to clear the pad! Woo hoo! I think I’ll make a blue one and a green one to complete my set. Am I the only one who loves this concept??

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Comment bellow!

Much Love!

Chelsea Leitz


My Biggest Order Yet!

Hi there!

I recently received my biggest order yet! The order consists of: 8 burp cloths of two different fabrics and 2 shopping cart covers of two different themes. Whee! I’m super excited to sew up these custom creations and get them shipped off to a happy customer 😀


These are the flannel fabrics we chose to do the burp cloths with. I’m in love! But I wanted to make them have some contrast, I loved the fabric patterns so much that I really wanted them to pop. I told my customer that we would do a solid color on the back sides of them…


So I had her choose what color she liked best out of a couple of color options I sent her. for the “Zoology” fabric by Michael Miller this is what we came out with 🙂 a creamy yellow to match the giraffes and birdies!


For the “Planes in the Sky” fabric by Bo Bunny I was thinking blue or maybe yellow? But look how good the white is with the clouds… So pretty and of course CUTE!

These are currently being washed, dried, ironed, cut and pinned 😉
Stay tuned to see how these lovely burp cloths turn out and what fabrics we chose for her 2 shopping cart covers…

If you are interested in purchasing your own set of these burp cloths then message me, comment below, email me (see below) or friend my Facebook page. There you can see other finished orders and pre-made ready to go items. I am always open to custom orders such as this current order you just saw 😉

Much Love

Chelsea Leitz
Passion For Baby Fashion

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An Owl Obsession..

Hi there!

Has everyone else noticed the ever growing popularity of owls? They seem to be everywhere… and I love them! They are so hootin’ cute!


We got B-Rae this super cute pink and green owl for Valentines Day. We also did owl cookies which she gobbled up so I can’t show you 😉

I snagged some pretty owl necklaces on Amazon too. They were really inexpensive I love them 🙂

Then when a family member was about to have twins I decided to go with an owl theme for them. She had a boy and a girl so it was a gender neutral choice. After a quick trip to Joann’s I came out with materials for two sets of burp cloths and four binky clips! Hi ho hi ho off to sew I go….!


This is what I came out with all said and done. So cute right?!



I almost always do a decorative top stitch like these have, it’s funnier and again with the cuteness.


Then I whipped up these binky clips. I made two of each that you see in the picture. Now with twins she can keep track of those binkys!

I’m sure my owl obsession isn’t fully covered in this post and I haven’t yet discovered everything. But hopefully I won’t become a crazy owl lady with owls all over my house Hahaha!!

FYI the owl burp cloths and binky clips are available for purchase! You can message me on here, comment on here, email me (see below) or friend my Facebook page to order the owl sets or see what else I have to offer 🙂

Much Love Everybody!

Chelsea Leitz

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Guess Who’s Back?!

ME! It’s been almost a year!
Sorry I was busy getting married and being married 😉
I had the wedding of my dreams ( I felt like Cinderella ) and we went to Maui on our honeymoon. Since then we have settled into married life. I started providing child care for two little boys, one full time one part time. That has kept me busy! I also started my own business being a Brand Partner with Nerium International (one of the best decisions of my life). If you want to know more you can visit

But let’s jump right back into Baby Fashions..!
I recently completed an order for a Fabulous shopping cart cover for a dear friend of mine. I’m all about visuals so I will just show you!


I think it turned out sassy and fabulous if I do say so myself 😉

I’m making pre-made and custom baby products because like the name says I have a Passion For Baby Fashion!

I’m onto the next order now which I will post when it is completed, so stay tuned…

Friend me on Chelsea’s Baby Fashions on Facebook 🙂 there you can see what I have to offer and you can feel free to contact me with any questions.

Much Love
Chelsea LEITZ 😉

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Camo Shopping Cart Cover!

Hey guys!

So I got a new order Friday for a shopping cart cover just like the one I made for B-Rae. She requested it be army camo for her little boy.


I will be using the camo and the brown for this project 🙂 its going to be awesome!

If you are thinking about having something made by yours truly be sure to get your order in because they seem to be coming faster now 😉 I wouldn’t want anyone waiting!

I’ll keep you posted on this project!

Much love
Chelsea’s BabyFashions on Facebook

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Leaving Sesame Street!

Hey Guys!

The long awaited Sesame Street Crib Comforter is complete!


I had a custom order for this project. A handsome little man out of Washington with be sleeping tight at night with my latest creation. The customer went online and found a panel of Sesame Street fabric that she wanted made into a crib comforter. I ordered the panel and was off to Joann’s to get the rest of my materials. I picked up fabric for the back side of the comforter in “cookie monster blue” and the batting to make it fluffy and warm.

With out further ado here is the Sesame Street Crib Comforter!

Don’t you just want to snuggle up! 😉

I will be shipping this off today to its new owners!

Keep me in mind when you have that special something you want for your little one 🙂

Much Love


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